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HHTEC is a service company that has been serving the engineering projects market since 2007.

HHTEC was founded in 2007 to meet the demands of basic projects, executives, management, supply of equipment and specialized manpower for electromechanical assembly, mechanics, testing, commissioning, assisted operation and systems maintenance.

Our projects range from tunnel ventilation systems, automation systems, fire detection and firefighting, image monitoring and supervision, communications networks, monitoring and control systems - CCO, we can also provide support in estimating costs for these systems.

In order to meet current market requirements, our clients have a simple organizational structure with an agile, direct and objective relationship. And of course, the optimization of costs and deadlines. Our structure makes intensive use of the technological and available resources. Our objective is the quality of services, so we follow routines in all stages of the work based on a system of quality assurance structured according to the requirements of ISO 9001. We have professionals with extensive experience in project management and development.

National and multinational groups of equipment, materials and services supplied to large engineering companies form the background of our collaborators. Thus we have a company of technical excellence proven and ready to serve all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

MISSION - what we stand for

Develop and implement effective and innovative solutions for energy systems and maintenance services, supported by technical intelligence and excellence in project execution, with social and environmental responsibility.



Ethical Attitude

Business & Results

Team work

Areas of expertise

  • Project

    ▪ Feasibility studies for the implementation of urban, road and metro-rail tunnels
    ▪ Civil Project
    ▪ Electrical and Electromechanical Project
    ▪ Mechanic project
    ▪ Design of implementation of air conditioning and exhaust systems
    ▪ Design of implementation of systems of CCTV, Fire detection, elevators and escalator.

  • Supply and assembly

    Supply, civil works, installation, assembly, and testing

    Mechanical and electromechanical assembly
    ▪ High, Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Systems in the T & D area
    ▪ Industrial Systems of High, Medium and Low Voltage
    ▪ Control Systems, Signaling and Automation of Urban, Road and Underground Tunnels
    ▪ Ventilation systems of urban, road and railroad tunnels
    ▪ Air conditioning, pressurizing and exhaust systems
    ▪ CCTV Systems and Fire Detection and Alarm, Escalators and Elevators
    ▪ Machinery and mechanical industrial equipment.

    In the area of civil works, we perform the following:
    ▪ Survey studies
    ▪ Direct foundations and stacking
    ▪ MV and AT substations
    ▪ Technical rooms
    ▪ Commercial rooms
    ▪ Small, medium and large works

  • Operation and maintenance

    Electrical, Mechanical and Electromechanical Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance
    ▪ High, Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
    ▪ Ventilation Equipment and Urban Tunnel, Road and Underground Railway Pumps
    ▪ Civil maintenance of industrial, electrical, shopping malls, etc.
    ▪ Building maintenance
    ▪ Maintenance of Medium and High Voltage Electrical Systems
    ▪ Maintenance of Hydro-Sanitary Systems


Main projects

Main works carried out with the participation of current HHTEC contributors:


CBA - Cia Brasileira de Alumínio - MG SE
138/13,8 kV- 15 MVA

Consórcio Três Corações - MG SE
138/13,8 kV-20/25 MVA

Cecil S.A – Metal Lamination - SP SE
138/13,8 kV-7,5/9,375 MVA CVRD

Cia Vale do Rio Doce - MA SE
230/13,8 kV - 3 X 60 MVA

TTrans - Metro / SP - CPTM Linha "5"
SE 88 - 138 / 22 kV - 2 x 33 MVA

WEG / Siderúrgica Barra Mansa - RJ
SE 138 / 25 kV - Readequação do Bay, 22,5/28 MVA

Adequacy of 2nd bay138 - 13,8 kV / 20 MVA

Petrobrás Terminal Cabiúnas / RJ SE
138 /13,8 kV, 3 x 40/50 MVA

Salvador Metro
SE Rectifier 69 /1,2 kV, 3,3 MVA

Fortress Metro
SE Rectifier 69 /1,2 kV, 3,3 MV

Metro São Paulo
SE Rectifier 88-138/22 kV, 3x 33 MVA


Balfour Beatty Rail Brazil / CBTU METROREC
Air Network and SE 69 kV and 3kVcc Traction

Cia Paulista of Metropolitan Trains - CPTM Shed with 3 ditches
Maintenance Line F Alstom Brasil Ltda Permanent route for tests - TUE's

Alstom Brasil Ltda / CPTM Assembly of 2 rectifier sets Alstom Brasil Ltda / CPTM
Air Network750 / 1500/3000 Vcc - Line A

Alstom Consortium - Siemens / METRÔ / SP
Linha2 - Chácara Klabin / Imigrantes / Ipiranga

Siemens Ltda / CPTM
Rectifier Groups and Traction System

Subway / SP
Modernization of the CCO of Lines 1 and 3

Faiveley Transport do Brasil S.A
Assembly of Platform Ports of Lines 1,2 and 3

EFACEC Brasil Ltda
Mounting Systems for MT (22kV), BT, Traction and Ventilation of Stations Tamanduateí, Sacomã and Vila Prudente - Line 2 of CMSP Siemens Ltda - CMSP Installation and electromechanical assembly, projects, materials and civil works and construction site for implantation of the Main Ventilation System in PV Caxingui and SEPV Three Powers of Line 4 - Yellow of the São Paulo Metro.

Alstom TIS
Modernization Line 1 and Line 2 of the PBMC

Consórcio Três Corações MG
SCADA System - SE 138 kV


Installation of the Cellular Telephone System in Lines 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Metro / SP

Alstom TGS
Modernization Line 2 of the PBMC

Bombardier Telecommunication System - CPTM
Integration Center LK6: Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4

Siemens Ltda Line 4
Pátio Vila Sônia: System of Telecommunications and System of Signaling and Control of Trains along the routes, Stations, Courtyard of Maneuvers and CCO.

Andritz Hydro Brasil Ltda Mechanical and hydro-mechanical systems (forced conduit, sanitary discharge, bifurcator, segregated and wreckage gates, water intake, spillway and diversion of the river, AHE Batalha 2 x 28 MVA water intake grid)


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