HHTEC was founded in 2007 to meet the demands of basic projects, executives, management, supply of equipment and specialized manpower for electromechanical assembly, mechanics, testing, commissioning, assisted operation and systems maintenance.

Our projects range from tunnel ventilation systems, automation systems, fire detection and firefighting, image monitoring and supervision, communications networks, monitoring and control systems - CCO, we can also provide support in estimating costs for these systems.

In order to meet current market requirements, our clients have a simple organizational structure with an agile, direct and objective relationship. And of course, the optimization of costs and deadlines. Our structure makes intensive use of the technological and available resources. Our objective is the quality of services, so we follow routines in all stages of the work based on a system of quality assurance structured according to the requirements of ISO 9001. We have professionals with extensive experience in project management and development.

National and multinational groups of equipment, materials and services supplied to large engineering companies form the background of our collaborators. Thus we have a company of technical excellence proven and ready to serve all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex.